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Advanced Software Engineering


Credits : 2 ECTS

Durée : 21 hours 

Half term: S8

Person(s) in charge :

Laurent CIARLETTA, Associate Professor, 

Keywords : Components assemblage,Software architecture, J2EE, .NET, Web Services, MDA/MDE

Prerequisite :  Object oriented programming, Software Engineering, Networks

Objective: Software and systems design, complexes components assemblage


Program and Contents:

This course includes software architecture notions by the assemblage of software components in order to realize complex applications.

It mainly shows how to assemble software components and build interfaces thanks to the assemblage.

The class work will mainly concern two environments for deploying these components.

Softwares: .NET environment, software components in JAVA, including Javabeans for visual components, and JAVA J2EE (EJB). The concept presentation in regard of the technologies akin to CORBA and web services.



Description and operationnal verbs


The concepts linked to software architecture, component programming, dominant technologies


the different approaches and solutions operated, their differences, their similarities and their complementarity


Operating punctual issues


Needs and relevant solutions, debugging tools and distributed performances


Conception realizing, and evaluation of an existing assembled application


Frameworks choice, middleware, platform languages

Evaluations :

  • Written Test
  • Continuous Control
  • Oral report
  • Project
  • Written Report
  • Aucune étiquette