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ECTS Credits : 3

Duration : 21 hours

Semester : S7

Person(s) in charge :

 Rossela SORIO, ICN Business School associate professor,

Keywords : consumer behaviour, market study, market segmentation, target, positioning, brand, ’innovation marketing, marketing mix, industrial marketing

Objectives: None

Objectives: Apprehend and analyse a market and a marketing problem

Global goals
Know how to apprehend and analyse a market and a marketing problem
Know to ask the right questions to study the marketing problem and to evaluate the possible outcomes
 Be thorough in decision making

Program and contents :

Class 1 : Introduction to marketing : value marketing, consumer behaviour ; Case study : Ovomaltine (1st part)
Class 2 : Market studies : qualitative and quantitative studies ; Case study : Ovomaltine (2nd part)
Class 3 : Market segmentation, targeting and positioning ; Case study : Starbucks
Class 4 : Brand management ; Case study : Nespresso (1st part)
Class 5 : Innovation marketing ; Case study : Nespresso (2nd part)
Class 6 : Mix marketing : The product, price, distribution, communication policy, e-marketing ; case study : Innocent
Class 7 : Industrial marketing specifics ; Case study : Michelin Fleet Street

Abilities : 


Description and operational vocabulary


Founding marketing principles


The worth of marketing tools to create client value and perpetuate the company


Marketing tools applied to resolving business problems


The different parts of a company's marketing strategy


To be capable of putting forth a marketing strategy based on the results of a market study


Results of a marketing policy thanks to the relevant evaluation tools

Evaluation :

  • Written test
  • Continuous Control
  • Oral report
  • Project
  • Written report
  • Aucune étiquette