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Digital Systems training at ENSEM

ENSEM trains engineers in research , design and development projects in fields such as systems control and management, safety and security of critical systems, digital modeling and simulation, software and embedded services or even  signal or image processing.

The first two years of studies are organized around a core curriculum. They aim at making students gain basic scientific skills in applied mathematics (scientific calculation, numerical analysis) in computer science (algorithms and programming, Databases, networks) in automatic control (systems control, operating safety) and in signal and image processing.

The scientific program is completed by general training (foreign languages, communication, management, systems engineering)

Job opportunities are guaranteed by internships in companies and numerous industrial conferences. Students are encouraged to gain an international outlook through various possibilities of academic exchanges and internships abroad.

The 3rd year of studies is a specialization year organized around

  • One semester of academic training ; several study paths can be followed, some of which leading to a double degree with a Master of computer Science, a Master of Systems Engineering, a Master of Complex Systems Engineering or a Master Mathematics Engineering and IT tools.

  • A 6-month internship in a company or a laboratory



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