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Duration : 30 hours

ECTS Credits : 3.5

Semester : S6

Course Title:


Person(s) in charge :

Silvère Barrat, Professor, 

Keywords  : thermodynamics, fluid, matter, energy, stability, instability


Prerequisites : Thermodynamics of preparatory classes


Objective : Application of thermodynamic concepts to industrial machines.


Program and Content :

First part: transformation of energy
• Closed systems at non uniform temperature
• Open systems
• Optimal use of energy

Second part: transformation of matter
• Evolution, equilibrium and stability of matter
• Surfaces and interfaces
• Evolution of divided matter

Examples problems addressed in tutorials: heat transfer in casting, optimizing a multi-stage compressor, use of ocean thermal energy, storage and use of industrial gases, synthesis of materials, underground liquid extraction, cavitation or boiling of liquid, vapor condensation



Description and operational verbs


First and Second principles of thermodynamics, thermodynamics efficiency, entropy generation, Mollier diagram, surface tension, characteristic function.


Systems with an heterogeneous temperature, systems in continuous operation, origin of irreversibility of real machines, relative stability of stages, germination of new stages.


Thermodynamic principles for industrial machines transforming fluids or matter. Mollier diagrams for fluid transformation. Know how to build a characteristic function.


A complex system to process it into an analysable thermodynamic system. Know how to analyze the energy and exergy performance of an industrial plant.


Gather physical and thermodynamic data of a fluid or a matter during its processing in an industrial machine.


Relevance of a numerous result related with the scale of the studied system.

Evaluation :

  • Written test
  • Continuous Control
  • Oral report
  • Project
  • Written report
  • Aucune étiquette