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TCSS5AF Office Automation and Internet tutorials

Duration : 21 hours

ECTS Credits : 1

Semester : S5

Person in Charge :

Dominique BENMOUFFEK, Lecturer, 

Keywords :

Computational culture, office automation tools, numerical tools

Prerequisites : 



Familiarize oneself in the beginning of the year with the computational environment of the school.

Content :

The seminar takes place for two weeks in September, as 7 sessions of 3 hours per student, while the class is divided by half. Students first have to get in the computational environment of the school. We suggest then to deal with computational culture through chosen workshops. Some sessions are dedicated to learning and testing the abilities to manipulate office automation tools, while others are magisterial conferences dealing with numerical aspects or computational culture.
The themes can be : the University of Tomorrow, the Full-numerical world, Systems safety, data encryption, and so on... Conferences' duration is about one and a half hour. Students are expected to present briefly by two, by the end of the seminar, a mandatory topic chosen in the fields of Sciences. The presentation in front a group tends to strenghten the cohesion of the class by making them to know each other and disclose themselves through a communication exercice.

For the final assessment, each student has to create a blog with a report of every conferences.

Skills : 


Description and operational words


- Computational environment of the school

- Rules (IT charter) 


Importance and diversity of IT culture in the world which wish to be fully numerical




A mandatory theme, and know how to present it by two in front of the class with the maximum complementarity.


Write reports of conferences more or less technical.


- The scope of IT tools to solve concrete issues.

- The relevance of the use of these available tools.

Evaluations :

  • Written Test
  • Continuous assessment
  • Oral presentation
  • Project
  • Written report
  • Aucune étiquette