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TCSS5AD Continuum mechanics for solids and fluids

Duration : 30 hours

ECTS Credits : 3.5 

Semester : S5

Person in charge :

Emmanuel Plaut, Professor, 

Keywords : Vectorial analysis, multi-variables functions, general mechanics


Prerequisites :

The fundamentals of continuum mechanics applied to elastic solids et Newtonian fluids



Program and Content :

• Elements of tensor calculus (independent study, if lack of time): algebra and tensor analysis: intrinsic definitions: calculations in curvilinear coordinates.

• Continuum model – Elementary kinematics: model boundaries: Lagrangian and Eulerian motion descriptions: characteristic lines.

• Advanced kinematics: study of deformations, Lagrangian and Eulerian studies, introduction to appropriate tensors.

• Balances of mass and motion – Constraints: introduction to the Cauchy stress tensor: Mohr representation.

• Elastic solids: law of linear elastic isotropic: linearised elasticity problems: displacement methods: Navier equation: constraints method.

• Kinetic energy balance – Elastic solids: potential elastic energy: conservative nature of the dynamics of elastic solids.

• Newtonian fluids: incompressible Newtonian fluid behavior law, Navier-Stokes equation, model of perfect fluid, kinetic energy balance: viscous dissipation, charge losses.

• Dimensional analysis and similarity: Vaschy – Buckingham theorem and principles: applications, especially with charge losses in pipe flow.




Description and operational verbs









Evaluations :

  • Written test
  • Continuous Control
  • Oral report
  • Project
  • Report
  • Aucune étiquette