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Academic programs for each year

This three-year program is divided into 6 semesters (S5 to 210). In the standard curriculum, S10 involves an industrial engineering end-of-studies internship.

Third Year S9, S10




2A internship and oral Defense33 months


in a company or a laboratory, in
France or abroad


6 months




Major course 1221 hours
Major course 2221 hours
Major course 3221 hours
Major course 4221 hours
Major course 5221 hours
Major course 6221 hours
Elective CoursesElective436 hours
Business ManagementElective342 hours

Languages and foreign cultures

LV1 (option)1

function of the quitus

LV2 (option)1
Major Research Project 3A8

3 half days per week

Other possibilities in third year

After second year, engineering students can choose various non-standard options:
• fulfilling the third year in another French engineering school,
• fulfilling the curriculum in another French or foreign establishment to obtain a second diploma at a Master’s level,
• participating in an internship for one semester in a company, followed by an academic semester in the southern, or northern, hemisphere,
• participating in an long-term internship, normally nine to twelve months, followed by an academic semester, which is usually a standard semester for third year at the school.

Internships of 6 months or more, integrated into these options, are generally considered as possible alternatives to a standard end-of-studies internship. In certain cases, these special options can only be carried out by prolonging the length of studies, maximum one year, in order to receive a diploma. In all cases, this must be done with the approval of the graduation jury.


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