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Turbulent flows


ECTS Credits : 2

Duration : 21 hours

Semester : S7

Person(s) in charge :

Dr. Hervé COMBEAU, Professor,  

Keywords :  Fluid Mechanics, turbulence

Prerequisites :  Basic knowledge about laminar flows

Objective : Provide konwledge about turbulent flows

This course is the follow-up of the previous one about fluid dynamics. It introduces the concept of turbulent flow and the basics in turbulence. The model k-e, which is used quite often in the industry, is presented in such a way as to allow students to then move on to modeling.


• Characteristics of turbulent flows:

Transition towards turbulence, random characteristics of spatio-temporal magnitudes, consequence of turbulence.

• Semi-empirical turbulence models:

Statistical approach, semi-empirical approach, k-e model.

• Application to simple cases.

• Turbulent boundary layer.

• Flows around obstacles:

Boundary layer detachment. Definition and calculation of drag forces and lift. Effects of

turbulence on drag and lift forces.


Abilities :


Description and operational verbs


The criteria allowing to identify turbulent flows, RANS-based models


The reasons why a flow evolves towards turbulence and the change in its properties this transition involves


turbulent boundary layers, flows around obstacles or nearby a wall


establish a model for a flow and analyze it





Evaluations :

  • Written test
  • Continuous Control
  • Oral report
  • Project
  • Written report
  • Aucune étiquette