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Polymer-based composite


Duration : 21 hours

ECTS Credits :

Semester : S9

Person(s) in charge:

Marc PONCOT, Associate Professor, 


Composites, Polymers, Elaboration, Characterization, Properties


Polymers - Mechanical behaviour of materials

Objective :

Have a global view on composites, their properties and their utilisation.

Program and Contents:

There are several categories of composites. Their behaviour depends on the features, proportions, geometry, distribution and properties of their components. Knowing these data enables combining various types of materials to obtain composites which have better properties than metallic alloys, ceramics and polymers.

The objectives of this course are:

  • To explain the difference between polymer blends and reinforced composites,
  • To name the three types of composites with fibres reinforcement, to explain their differences according to the length and the orientation of the fibres, and to describe the mechanical properties of each type,
  • To calculate the longitudinal module and the longitudinal resistance of a composite reinforced by continuous fibres and a composite reinforced by discontinuous fibres,
  • To name the three reinforcement modes of composites with a polymer matrix and to indicate the features of each of these modes and the corresponding domains of application.

1. Polymer blends: definitions, development, properties, applications,
2. Generalities on composites with a polymer matrix
3. Forming: principles and different processes of forming of composites
4. Characteristics of composites
5. Elastic Modules of composites
6. Rupture process of composites
7. Load transfer



Description and operational verbs


Main families of composites


Different fabrication processes of composites


Evaluate physical and mechanical properties (Calcul of elasticity modulus, of maximal load, of bulk density)


Behaviour of composite in service


Understand important existing link between use properties (mechanical properties), microstructure of composite and forming process


Choice of composite and of process to elaborate a given product.


  • Written Test
  • Continuous Control
  • Oral Report
  • Project
  • Written Report
  • Aucune étiquette