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Structure physics and mechanical properties


ECTS Credits :

Duration : 21 hours

Semester : S8

Person(s) in charge:

Sébastien ALLAIN, Professor, 

Keywords: crystalline plasticity, dislocations, hardening, thermal activation, recrystallisation

Prerequisites: macroscopic mechanical properties, linear elasticity, crystalline structures, defects

General objective : Presentation of physical mechanisms of plastic deformation

Programme and Contents:

  • Dislocations: characteristics, properties, displacement, observation methods, force, lattice friction, thermally activated glide, elementary mechanisms
  • Deformation of single crystals: comparison of the different crystalline structures, slip systems, resolved shear stress
  • Twinning, martensitic transformations, shape memory effect
  • Influence of the microstructure in pure materials : effective and internal stress, strain hardening, influence of grain size
  • Hardening processes in alloys: solid solution strengthening, precipitation hardening
  • Influence of temperature and strain rate: dynamic recovery and recrystallisation, creep, brittle-to-ductile transition

Case studies:

  • elastic interactions between dislocations, subgrain
  • characterisation of dislocations in Silicon by X-ray diffraction
  • defects in compact structures: sphere model
  • strain hardening model: forest model
  • crossing of point and extended obstacles
  • plastic deformation by thermal shock in a Silicon wafer



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