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Atom and molecule stacking

ECTS Credits : 2

Duration : 21 hours

Semester : S7

Person(s) in charge:

Elisabeth BAUER-GROSSE, Professor, 

Keywords:  Atoms - bonds - crystallines structures - Technique of characterization

Prerequisites:  None

Objective: Be able to know and imagine the constitution of materials


  • Basic constituents of materials: atoms and atomic bonds
  • Notions of crystallography: direct and reciprocal spaces
  • Assemblies of atoms and molecules: from crystalline to amorphous state
  • Characterization of the crystalline state by diffraction
  • Defects in crystal structure
  • Characterization of defects by different microscopies

The diversity and performance of materials are due to an increasing understanding and control of their chemical and structural constitution. Using a fundamental approach based on crystallography and an experimental approach based on the various characterization techniques of materials, this course provides an opportunity to discover and to describe the formation of a material through scales ranging from atomic architecture to micro-structure. It gives the basic concepts to imagine or predict the constitution that will best respond to the conditions of use of a material. Examples will be chosen among the different types of materials.

We will do demonstrations and/or we will use laboratory devices and cristallography software.


Chapters I to V and chapter VII  volume I : Introduction à la Science des Matériaux- Traité des Matériaux PPUR; Handout on crystalline structure of materials and on diffraction by different radiations; cristallography software  CaRine users guide.



Description and operational verbs


Principals structures of materials


Atomic arrangement in materials


Structural identification of materials


Constitution of a material for scales from atomic architecture to micro-structure


Materials ranking according to their structure


Relation Elaboration - Structures - Properties


  • Written Test
  • Continuous Control
  • Oral report
  • Project
  • Written Report
  • Aucune étiquette