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Interactive Systems


Duration: 21 hours

ECTS Credits: 2

Semester : S9

Person(s) in charge :

Laurent CIARLETTA, Maître de Conférences

Keywords : middleware, web services, interoperability, distributed systems

Prerequisites : Software engineering, advanced networks

Objective : Development of skills on middleware platforms

Contents :

The aim of this course is to develop specific skills for platforms that provide solutions in
terms of the portability, flexibility and interoperability of the applications.

This course presents the current and emerging middleware technologies and standards.
By the term “middleware”, we generally consider the intermediary software platforms
between the operating system and the applications, which are designed to increase mobility,
interoperability and independence in relation to the physical architectures of the latter.
The technologies which are at the heart of the current distributed applications are presented,
ranging from those that are imbedded with real-time middleware to Web Services or
service-oriented architectures.
The different classes, practical work and guest lecturers from the industry will allow
students to learn about the challenges, the current solutions, business needs and how they
are evolving.
The different points addressed will based essentially on:
• Technologies: Corba, Microsoft (COM/DCOM, .NET), Java/J2EE (RMI/JSP/Servlet/EJB)
• Solutions and architectures: Managed Code, Persistance, Composants, n-Tiers,the
evolution toward Web Services (SOAP etc.) and service-oriented architectures (SOA).
• Specific middleware for real-time



Description and operational verbs


Basic concepts linked to deployed applications on middleware, development and deployement constraints


Advantages and limits of these systems, best practice and stakes


Implement displayed solutions on an application


Performance and display problematic




Validate performance and choices


  • Written test
  • Continuous Control
  • Oral Report
  • Project
  • Written Report
  • Aucune étiquette