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Introduction into Law


Duration : 20 heures

ECTS Credits: 2

Semester : S6

Person(s) in charge :

Annette GANZER,

Keywords :


Prerequisites : 


Objective :

“’Reading law’ is learning to find justice through the law by reasoning with integrity and rigor. A lawyer is, first of all, a free and non-conformist spirit aiming to preserve what is essential to civilization and to progress towards more humanity and wisdom.” B. Beignier, Doyen de la Faculté de droit de Toulouse (Dean of the Law School of Toulouse), Introduction au droit, Montchrétien 2006.
This approach can also be applied by non-jurists wanting to know the rules governing the society in which they live. Engineering students will better understand the difference between what is physically possible and what is authorised by law.


Program and content :

Law is as a set of rules on the society on behalf of certain values. Failing is anarchy, barbarism. It is part of the daily life of citizens without their necessarily aware. However no one is supposed to ignore the law ... but the legal rule is becoming more complex to meet the requirements of modern societies. It changes over time and space to reflect the globalization of trade, the evolution of technology and human needs. But all human activity can achieve is not automatically legally allowed.
Law is a tool of social regulation which must be well designed, well understood and used.

  1. Basics of law, public law-private law distinction, the sources of law (legislation, jurisprudence, custom)
  2. The judicature and trial
  3. The distinction between persons and things
  4. Great legal principles relating to the human body
  5. The gap between science progress and law progress: bioethics law: the body is not a commodity (exp GPA, donation or sale of organs ....?)
  6. The right to respect for privacy and image rights (facing internet?)
  7. The shift between economic allowed and the legal prohibited : exp. sanctioning of agreements and abuse of dominance by firms in the business world

Evaluation - Continuous monitoring:

  • 05/20: evaluation of the presence and participation
  • 05/20: personal project (homework of a double copy)
  • 10/20: knowledge test on studied legal concepts


Evaluations :

  • Written test
  • Continuous control
  • Oral report
  • Project
  • Written report
  • Aucune étiquette