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Sports and body knowledge


Duration: 20 hours

ECTS Credits : 2

Semester : S6

Course title :


Person(s) in charge:

Pascal ADMANT,

Keywords :


Prerequisites : 


Objectives :

The objective of this course is to go beyond the usual functional role given to athletic activities and to define their psychological, physiological and sociological factors. In addition, the history of how they have evolved with the scientific and economic revolutions in the modern and post-modern world is presented as a key part of the lecture.


Program and content :

As Michel Serres said: “Whatever the activity that we undertake, the body remains the basis for intuition, memory, knowledge and invention.”
Part of the course deals with challenging oneself. Here, we emphasize the impact of physical activities on personal development involving communication, emotion, motivation, perception and sensation.
Another part of the course will cover the anthropological, sociological, historical and economic aspects associated with sport activities. The sports currently being practised are a reflection of their original context and show how the dominating scientific models determine our perception of the body.

Body models.
The body and its components, the living embodiment.
The body that I am.
Dance (evolution compared to the practices and their context)
Transformation of sports practices in the 20th century .
The person and performance.
Outdoor activities, man and his environment.
Sport complexes.
Presentation of students’ work.
Assessment methods:
Students participating in this elective course will present a report on what they have read to the group and hand in a written report of their own thoughts on the subject.


Evaluations :

  • Written Test
  • Continuous control
  • Oral report
  • Project
  • Written report
  • Aucune étiquette