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Structural mechanics and strength of materials


ECTS Credits : 2

Duration: 21 hours

Semester : S8

Person(s) in charge :

Olivier DECK, Professor,

Keywords : Beams, buckling, hyperstatism, instability, stress, strain

Prerequisites : Basics in mechanics (stress, strain, fundamental principle of statics)

Objective :

This course teaches students structural mechanics and, in particular, the beam theory in regard to the strength of materials as applied to civil engineering works.

Program and content : 

This course deals with mechanical structures in general and the following subjects in
• Beams
• External and internal torsor forces;
• Calculation of normal and tangential stress in sections;
• Calculation of deflection;
• Analysis of instabilities (buckling, lateral-buckling);
• Study of reticular structures;
• Study of hyperstatic structures (force and displacement method).
The classes will be alternated with tutorials on the applications seen in the lectures
(exercises for solving classical problems).




Description and operationnal verbs


Name the characteristic elements of a beam (neutral fiber, mean fiber, section, inertia...)


Explain the hypothesis of the beam theory and the physical sense of the corresponding detailed forumla


Be able to use and apply the main methods and formula seen during the course


Analyse complex structures and identify the different and adequate methods needed


Be able to mobilize the acquired abilities to simplify the analysis of a complex structure


Be able to interpret results versus their physical efficiency

Evaluations :

  • Written test
  • Continuous control
  • Oral report
  • Project
  • Written report
  • Aucune étiquette