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Academic Staff

Olivier DECK - Professor, Department head

03 55 66 28 52 -

Behrooz BAZARGAN-SABET - Associate Professor

Marianne CONIN - Associate Professor

03 55 66 28 56 -

Michel JAUZEIN - Professor, director Mines Nancy

03 55 66 26 20 -

Yann GUNZBURGER - Associate Professor

03 55 66 28 54 -

Rasool MEHDIZADEH  - Assistant Professor

03 55 66 28 59 -

Jack-Pierre PIGUET - Professor Emeritus

03 55 66 28 58 -

Judith SAUSSE - Professor, Academic Dean

03 55 66 26 43 -

Thierry VERDEL - Professor

03 55 66 28 50 -


The department

The Civil and Mining Engineering department is also called “Geoengineering”. It offers a program of courses to prepare students for careers in civil engineering, mining and petroleum, environment and natural hazards. The aim is to teach students reasonable and sustainable management of resources (mineral and energy resources, water resources), underground construction (mines, tunnels, geotechnical structures) and civil construction.
The program starts at the beginning of the 2nd year with a week of geological cartography (field work) in the south of France (Corbières).

The coursework emphasizes:
- on the one hand, the capacity to observe, draw and understand the objects studied through a naturalist approach (geological cartography, structural geology);
- on the other hand, the capacity to model these objects through mechanical or statistical approachs (geotechnics, beam theory, numerical modelling, geostatistics, etc.)

This program, which has a very broad approach (especially in 2nd year), is centered around the study of complex natural objects. Some courses are more technical or theoritical. In 3rd year, students may choose between two Master of Science programs that focus on sustainable mining engineering or risk management related to natural hazards.

The program of the department is also based on a statistical analysis* of the actual graduated students position (mainly public or private compagnies but also scientific research and higher education). These statistics show that about 30% of graduated have a position in mining and petroleum industry, 20-30% in civil engineering, 20-30% deal with environment or natural hazards management and the last 10-20% work in other fields (consultants, banks, etc.), especially those who have been professionally active for a long time.
* results from a survey carried out in 2006 on 163 graduated students from the department and adjusted in 2014 on 95 recent graduated students.

Major - Civil and Mining Engineering and associated Masters of Science


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