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Industrial Management and Business Strategy - 3A

ECTS Credits : 3

Duration: 42 hours

Semester : S9

Person(s) in charge : Ingrid LEROYER, Professeur agrégé, Henri Amet, Maître de Conférences, yves Gueniffey, Maître de Conférences ,,, 

keywords : 

Prerequisites :


Objectives : 

Business strategy consists of making choices for allocating resources (financial, human, technological, organizational, etc.) which will be a long term commitment for the company so as to generate a sustainable profit.


Aspects relating to the economic dimension of a project, of investment, have already been addressed in the first part of the program (S8). As an extension to this, the 3rd year course will deal with the aspects concerning the organization with the aim to optimize performance through good resource management. The emphasis will be on the internal industrial management of the organization as well as between companies.


Program and contents :


• Business strategy

• The contribution of the organization theory

• Management control in service performance (cost calculations, variance analysis,

performance measurements, cost management)

• The principal tools in industrial management: 5S, Kaizen, SMED, Kanban, MRP, six sigma,

design of experiments, Lean manufacturing, ERP

• Purchasing and supply (bidding and negotiation, forecasting models)

• Ethics in service management?




Description operational verbs














  • Written Test
  • Continuous Control
  • Oral Report
  • Project
  • Written Report
  • Aucune étiquette