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Consulting, Strategy, Audit


ECTS Credits: 3

Duration: 35 hours

Semester: S8

Persons in charge: Francois Cartier Laurin –


Keywords:   Consulting, Management, Strategy, Audit

Prerequisites: None

Objective: Give students an overview of strategy and management consulting (main activities, tools, etc.)

Program and contents:

This class aims at giving students a broad overview of the different professions and activities named “consulting” and “audit” (both in the private and public sectors).

Lectures will alternate with the exchange of professional experiences. During the semester, students will work on team projects in order to apply the main teachings and tools of the class. The team projects will be defined during the first sessions.

For each project, teams will accomplish some research work, prepare a written report and perform an oral restitution of their work.  

The class should cover the following topics :

  • Consulting projects
  • Project management & Transformation
  • Writing skills for consulting
  • Strategy consulting
  • Risk Management
  • Statutory Audit
  • Change management
  • Sustainability strategy and services
  • Operational performance
  • Oral communication

Participants’ expectations will be gathered during the first session. The content of the class will be adapted to take these into account and cover other topics such as governance, cybersecurity, digital, data analytics, etc.

The class will be delivered by senior consultants and auditors (managers, directors, and partners) who will share their experiences, expertise and points of view.




Description and operational verbs














  • Written test
  • Continuous Control
  • Oral report
  • Project
  • Written report
  • Aucune étiquette