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IT and internet certificate -  Level 2 - Application to engineering


ECTS Credits : 4

Duration : 36 hours

Semester : S8

Person in charge :

Dominique BENMOUFFEK, Associate professor,

Keywords :

group work, IT systems, IT legislation, documentation

Prerequisites : None

Goal : Prepare for the level 2 "Computer skills for engineers" C2i certificat - UL

Program and contents :

According to the ministry reference system, the program of the level 2 C2i covers the following 5 ares of expertise :

D1: To know and abide by the rights and obligations regarding digital activities in a professional context
D2: Master digital information research, exploitation and valuation techniques
D3: Put into motion professional digital collaborations
D4: Master Information Security of IT systems
D5: Conduct IT Sytems works from the client side

This course has the status of an elective course, open to all students from any department. It is made of 12 3-hours classes during the eigth semester. Over half of the classes are given by a speaker expert in one of the 5 areas of expertise.

Students must hand in at the end of the course a digital file consisting of the class work from each class (articles read, notes, case studies, ...)
Those who would like to take the level 2 certificat will add to their digital file the subjects that their host company will have given them during their 2nd year internship. A jury will meet end of September to decide whether the student has earned the certificate or not.


Abilities : 


Description and operational vocabulary


A significant amount of vocabulary from the IT world. Know how to use it when relevent.


The point of this IT background and familiarisation with digital tools. The place of an engineer in a firm ruled by digital technologies.


The rights and obligations that come with the use of IT systems.


The difference between the reality of companies and the models treated in class. The weight of IT systems within the company.


Summarise in a Digital Abilities File all the knowledge acquired in class. Be capable of infering knew ones.


The contribution of digital technologies in the relationships between human beings, the appearance of new, more collaborative work forms.

Evaluation :

  • Written test
  • Continuous assesment
  • Oral presentation
  • Project
  • Report
  • Aucune étiquette