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Environnement and Sustainable Development


ECTS Credits : 4 + 4 ECTS

Duration : 22 weeks

Semesters : S7 + S8

Person(s) in charge :

Olivier MIRGAUX, Maître de Conférences, Hervé COMBEAU, Professeur,, 

Programs and Contents :

To teach engineers to be «eco-citizens» by taking the environment into account, and to initiate them to the idea of sustainable development.
Beginning with a breakdown of the current situation, the E&SD workshop is committed to offering students a diversified and multicultural approach to this field, with an emphasis on the scientific, social and human aspects. The wide range of subjects addressed here will allow students to adopt a real E&SD perspective.
The students will be encouraged to become involved and participate throughout the workshop, notably through discussions and debates with professionals and through their group project.
Furthermore, these discussions and debates will allow students in the workshop to look at the situation objectively in relation to E&SD and to forge critical thinking skills in this field.
The workshop’s program may change from one year to the next, so as to better adhere to current events and meet students’ expectations. To give an idea of the contents, the 2009-2010 program is presented below.
• Visit to Earth Forum – Conference by Jean-Marc Jancovici
• What is a country’s wealth?
• Biodiversity
• Air quality
• Questioning GMOs
• Food
• Debate with three professionals: «Agriculture: with or without pesticide?»
• Introduction to eco-toxicity and the state of worldwide water resources
• Architecture and SD
• Economy of natural resources
• Geographic Information System
Assessment methods:

The assessment is principally based on a group project carried out over 2 semesters. In S7, work on the project is centered on getting familiar with the subject and establishing specifications.


Evaluations :

  • Written Test
  • Continuous Cotrol
  • Oral Report
  • Project
  • Written Report
  • Aucune étiquette