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GIMAS9AD1 - Master IMSD - Mines Nancy

Statistique en grande dimension


Crédits : 2 ECTS

Durée : 21 heures

Semestre : S9

Responsable(s) : 

Anne Gegout-Petit, professeur

Mots clés :

Data Mining, data science

Pré requis : 

Statistical test theory, standard tests, regression

Objectif général :

Principales méthodes d’analyse de données et du Data Mining

Programmes et contenus :

Multiple testing issue, False Discovery Rate (FDR), usual method (Bonferroni, local FDR, Benjamini-Hochberg,..), case of correlated data

Penalised regression: LASSO, RIDGE, ELASTICNET

Decision trees and random forest, variable importance

Criteria of model selection: AIC, BIC, …

Criteria of goodness of it: RMSE, confusion table ROC curve

Variable selection: Cross validation, knockoffs, stability selection

Learning outcomes: Understand the need for a correction procedure in multiple testing, know how to choose and apply the usual methods in this case. Understand the need for penalization in the context of regression with a large number of variables and the associated optimization problem. 

Targeted competencies: To be able to recognize a high dimensional statistical problem and to choose and/or adapt the usual methods of inference to this framework.

Compétences : 


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