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Effectiveness of national or EU innovation policy and firm’s innovation strategies


Economics of Innovation


Crédits : 3 ECTS

Durée : 21 heures


Semestre : S7

Responsable(s) :

Marianna Marino, ICN and BETA, 

Pierpaolo Parrotta, ICN and BETA,


Mots clés : innovation, growth, market failure, R&D financing, competition, business strategy, disruptive innovation

Pré requis :  Foundations of basic microeconomics (law of demand and supply, market equilibrium, perfect competition, monopoly power).

Objectif général :  understand the basic theory of innovation and the recent trends at the country/industry/firm level.

  1. Introduction, rationale and objectives
  2. Innovation and growth
  3. Innovation and sustainability
  4. Financing Innovation
  5. Evaluation of innovation policies
  6. Innovation and competition
  7. Recent policy trends
  8. Managing Innovation
  9. Disruptive innovation
  10. Digital Economy 

Compétences : 


Description et verbes opérationnels


Principles of economics of innovation


Asymmetric information, uncertainty and market failure; link between innovation and growth; public support to private R&D, additionality versus crowding-out; link between innovation and competition; managing innovation.   


Theory to open source data (OECD, Eurostat, WDI) and business cases.


Policy reports and business cases concerning innovation, competition and growth.


Main features of innovation at the country, industry and firm level.


Effectiveness of national or EU innovation policy and firm’s innovation strategies.

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