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Homepage of the Applied Mathematics and Industrial Engineering Department


Cette page en français: Département GIMA - École des Mines de Nancy

What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial Engineering aims at improving productivity, efficiency and controlling costs. It concerns design, installation, improvement and controlling of operation systems involving human resources, materials, equipment and energy. It is based on the specialized knowledge in mathematics, physics, and social sciences while applying the principles and methods of analysis and design engineering to specify, predict and evaluate the results that can be obtained from such systems.

Career oportunities after graduating

Industrial engineering is cross-disciplinary within a company. It ensures a coordination between the different bodies and is involved in the process of decision-making from the bottom up. Young engineers coming from our Department find jobs for the most part in banking, insurance, auditing and consulting companies as well as in all the industrial, commercial and service sectors, local authorities included.

They devote themselves to modelling financial products, risk calculation, financial analysis, management control, product management, internal and external logistics, selecting suppliers and human resources and material in general, quality, maintenance, decision-making for system design and development, project management, scientific calculations, etc.

Teacher researchers in the Department

The Applied Mathematics and Industrial Engineering Department at the Ecole des Mines of Nancy includes teacher researchers in Mathematics (2 Professors and 3 Associate Professors), in Decision-making IT (1 Professor and 5 Associate Professors) and in Economics (1 Professor and 1 Assistant Professor). In research, its members are very active in the various workgroups for Institut Elie Cartan (probability-statistics, partial differential equations), Loria (Orchids) and Erpi. Outside of the majors “Decision and Production Systems Engineering” and Mathematics and Financial Engineering”, which are at the heart of our educational programme, we have several core curriculum courses (Mathematics, Operational Research, Managerial Teaching, Production Management) as well as numerous elective courses: digital analysis, optimisation, production managment, data mining, numerical analysis, financial analysis… to name a few.


Head of the departement


  Antoine Henrot


03 55 66 28 10


Françoise Laurent

03 55 66 28 21

Teacher Researchers

  • Xavier Antoine, Professor
  • Henri Amet, Associate Professor
  • Sandie Ferrigno, Associate Professor
  • José Rui Figueira, Professor
  • Yves Gueniffey, Associate Professor
  • Antoine Henrot, Professor
  • Wahiba Khettaf-Ramdane Cherif, Associate Professor
  • Céline Lacaux, Associate Professor
  • Rémi Peyre, Associate Professor
  • Frédéric Sur, Associate Professor
  • Denis Villemonais, Associate Professor

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